Board of Directors

Richard Chyette, Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretary to Quicken Loans Inc; Advisor, Camelot Ventures LLC

Richard Chyette is Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretary to Quicken Loans Inc., the nation's largest on-line residential mortgage lender and the 15th largest retail mortgage lender overall. He has been a member of the company's senior leadership team since 1993 and is an officer of the company's holding company, Rock Holdings Inc. Mr. Chyette holds a law degree from Wayne State University and a Masters degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University, where he also completed his undergraduate studies. Mr. Chyette is an advisor to Daniel Gilbert (the founder and current chairman of Quicken Loans who is also a majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers) with respect to various business ventures and real estate transactions, and is an advisor to Camelot Ventures, a venture capital firm headed by Mr. Gilbert.


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